Training events are shown on the Calendar below.




All classes will be held at - 1200 Missouri Ave. Training Conference Room.

Supervisors: All Team Members must be signed up for courses by 12:00 p.m. the day prior to the course scheduled.


Please contact Kate at 258-7838 x136 to register for the CPR / First Aid class you wish to attend. Enrollment is limited to 10 team members per class. Include your voice mail number with your message. Kate will call you back only if there is a problem with your registration.


*If any training has been completed through another agency / employer, please provide a copy of the training documentation to Kate. (Fax: 701-258-7911)

**If there aren't at least two team members registered for any module review class, the class will be canceled.



  • Tests are to be completed without the module or notes.
  • The Team member should be proctored when completing hard copy exams. Team members are to be monitored at all times when taking hard copy exams. The proctor must collect jackets, backpacks, purses, cell phones, computers or other devices before giving out exams.
  • Corrected exams should only be reviewed and corrected by the Staff Trainer or their designee.  The test must be collected before the person proctoring the review leaves the area.  Tests and answer sheets should not leave the designated testing area.
  • Testing accommodations such as an oral test can be made by the Trainer or their Designee, but the integrity of the exam must be maintained and it should still be an assessment to determine if the team member is able to answer the questions on the exam.
  • Under no circumstance is group testing or open book testing an appropriate accommodation for the Community Staff Training Program.

Certified trainers are the only people who may correct the exams. Staff must achieve

85% or more on individual module tests to have successfully completed the

Competency for that module. Team members who fail to achieve the 85% level of performance, will be provided the opportunity to retake the test again at a later date; a one week waiting period is required for team member's retaking tests they previously failed. Team members who successfully complete eight core modules (including CPR and First Aid Training), six electives, the supervised field experiences, and Therapeutic Responses are eligible for DD certification. Composite coursework tests are administered by the State Training Director and Regional Staff Trainers. Team members must successfully pass the individual module tests for a given course before they are eligible to take the course composite test.



Online testing of all core modules is available to team members who are designated to take this set core of modules.   Minot State University has created a testing shell for Pride. If a team member would like to take tests online, they should discuss this option with the Staff Trainer, who will accommodate this request.  If the student is a current student at Minot State University, their login and password will be the same as they use for other online coursework at MSU. If they do not attend MSU, the Staff Trainer will assist the team member with their login and password information.


TESTING APPOINTMENTS:  Kate or a Designee (Jani S., Eva K. or Marci L.) can pull and proctor tests.  Due to busy schedules, please schedule a time to test 24 hours in advance with Kate or a Designee to ensure testing availability.

 Team Member's need to allow themselves at least 1 hour for testing, please calculate this time when you are testing. Kate can be reached at (701) 258-7838, ext. #136 or email at:


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