Organizational Charts
Privacy Practices

Pride, Inc. Management Team

Tony Baker Chief Executive Officer (701) 751-1902  
Lauren Dugger Human Resources Coordinator (701) 258-7838  
Michelle Sougstad  Director of Community Nursing (701) 751-1902  
Devan Gross Redwood (Wilton) Administrator  (701) 734-6409  
  Manchester Services Administrator (701) 223-5600  
Kevin Marchus Financial Services Administrator (701) 258-7838  
Val Scalzo Quality Assurance Services Administrator (701) 751-1902  

Lori Sitter

Tennille Weising

Vocational Services Administrator

Residential Services Administrator

(701) 258-7838

(701) 751-1902

David Werner Property Manager (701) 258-7838  


Pride, Inc. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors convenes general meetings on the third Thursday of each month, and as necessary.  Meetings start at 11:45 at 3901 North 19th Street Bismarck ND.


John Lundby President
Lisa Meier Vice President
Jennifer Krause Secretary/Treasurer
Sheldon Himmelspach Board Member
Andrew Engelman Board Member
Nicole Lautenschlauger Board Member
Larry Strand Board Member
Terry Woelber

Board Member

John Lundby, President, is employed as Vice President at US Bank in Bismarck.  John has served since 2016.

Lisa Meier, Vice President, serves as a legislature and has been a member of the Board since 2006.

Jennifer Krause, Secretary/Treasurer, member, joined the Board in 2018.  Jennifer is employed with Northwest Contracting.

Larry Strand, has served on the Board since 2014 and is a retired school teacher.

Sheldon Himmelspach, Member, has served since 2020.

Terry Woelber, Member, is a retired banker and has been on the Board since 2008.

Nicole Lautenschlauger, Member, joined the Board in 2020.  Nicole is employed with Basin Electric.

Andrew Engelman, Member, joined the Board in 2020.  Andrew is employed with North Dakota Guaranty & Title.