Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Service Coordination: (701) 258-7838

Our program coordinators (PCs) are available to anyone receiving intellectual disability services. They assist individuals in applying for benefits, finding specific vocational and residential services, arranging necessary evaluations, and medical treatment as well as guide teams in the development of personal goals, by assuring the quality of services.

Group Homes

(701) 258-7838

Located in Bismarck and Mandan, these homes support individuals who have intellectual disabilities to live more independently and participate in the life of their community.

Individualized Supported Living

(701) 258-7838

The Supported Living Program is designed to assist individuals to live independently in their own residence and be active in their community. It's also referred to as "ISLA" or "SLA." The amount of support the person receives ranges from two hours per week to 24 hours per day, depending on each individual's specific plan.

Life Skills Center

(701) 258-1405

Using creative and enjoyable activities, both at the center and in the community, training is provided to increase and retain independence and life skills in Areas such as making decisions and choices, socialization, use of the community resources, and interpersonal communication. Individuals, with the assistance of Pride staff, select the appropriate Areas of training that meet their specific needs.

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