Welcome to Pride!

Pride is people helping people to realize their potential to live and work in the community, that is our mission.


Pride will be the visionary leader in pioneering innovative strategies and approaches to maximize personal growth and potential of the people it serves. Our core values consist of empowering the people to be actively involved in decisions affecting their lives, to foster self-worth and personal success, offering integrated continuum of services, and lastly to give evidence of quality services to people supported.


In 2003, Pride, Inc. became the first non-profit organization statewide and the second in the nation to achieve a four-year accreditation from ”The Council on Quality and Leadership”, commonly referred to as CQL.


If you require services, please refer to the contact information below:

Phone:  (701) 258-7838  //  (800) 934-1588

Email:  info@prideinc.org

Don't Forget about our Endowment Fund!

Qualify for the 40% ND Tax Credit for gifts to Pride Inc., Endowment Fund.

You can make your donation by contacting North Dakota Community Foundation (701) 222-8349 

Your gifts to Pride Inc. Endowment Fund will help Pride continue to live, learn and work in our community. Your gift will stay in Bismarck.

Thank you

DSP Week Proclamation:

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Great Job Jan:


New Special Olympics Website:

There is a new website for the Bismarck area Special Olympics.  It lists the sports, dates, and schedules.  The site will also list when practices are canceled.  


CEO Cancer Gold Standard Award for Cancer Prevention

Pride, Inc. was awarded the Gold Standard Award for Cancer Prevention in 2017!

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Pride, Inc. has always taken a stand of being a non-discriminatory organization with our people served, employees, and the community.  Pride understands that the protest is impacting everyone and Pride take no stand on either side of this issue and will continue to provide services to all individuals who request them with no regard of protected status. 

ANYONE that takes a position that contradicts Pride’s essential mission and  purpose is not following Pride’s mission and policy.

Pride reserve the right to review each situation on its own merits.

Pride does not support anyone who makes statements not in compliance with Pride’s non-discrimination policy against any individuals of any protected class.

Independence Pointe Apartments

The ribbon cutting event for Independence Pointe Apartments was held on January 16, 2014.  You can view photos of Independence Pointe Apartments here.

You can view the story about the ribbon cutting on the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency's News page.


If you would like to volunteer at Pride, Inc. please contact Human Resources at 701-258-7838 extension 114.


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