Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities


Residential Services

Residential services are provided in group homes, individual apartments, individual homes, and family homes in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Services are based on each person’s needs and goals and are provided in the least restrictive manner possible.  Our team members provide support to people anywhere from a few hours per week up to 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

While the services we provide are person centered, they generally include supports in the areas of rights and responsibilities, meal planning and preparation, grocery and personal shopping, social skills, accessing the community, money management, apartment maintenance, attending medical appointments, etc.

Group Home Living

Pride operates six group homes.  Four of the homes are “traditional homes” where a large home is shared by eight people.  The other two homes are licensed as group homes but are people sharing staff in apartments.  This gives people the staffing pattern of a group home, while giving them the privacy of having their own apartment.  Group homes typically have 2-4 DSP’s on each shift and one for overnights.  Some of our homes are all male, some are all female, and some are blended with both men and women. 

The main differences between group home living and apartment living are the staffing ratio, family style meals, and the all-inclusive billing people living in the group homes are charged.

Community Living

Pride’s Residential Services also offers individual or integrated settings in apartments or houses. Individuals are supported in their own homes with as many or as few hours of direct staff as needed for them to succeed in the community.  Some people choose to live alone, and others choose to live with roommates.

Pride also owns several apartment buildings.  We rent to people receiving services as well as to the public.  These buildings typically have one or two 24-hour sites so there are always staff available.  

In-Home Support

In-Home Support is a program that offers support to individuals living in their family home.  Support is typically provided a few hours per week but can be as much as 24 hours per day. This program also provides respite care to families while they are away from the home.


Day Services

Day Habilitation

Provides facility- based activities, training and supports to promote the retention and acquisition of life skills and independence, offered in a group setting.    Activities and training are planned based on the preferences of the individuals attending and include volunteer opportunities, recreational and leisure activities and training classes.

Prevocational Services

Provides skill building training, work experience and supports designed to prepare individuals for paid employment in integrated community settings.  It is a time limited program and structured to develop transferable general abilities and skills that support employability in a work setting.    Work skills are developed through contracts obtained from local business partners. 

Small Group Employment

Provides long term ongoing supports to assist individuals in maintaining integrated employment, in groups of 2-8 people.   Work settings are developed through contracts obtained with local business partners.   


Vocational Excellence

We are a company you can trust with over 45 years of experience partnering with businesses for their unique hiring needs.  Our understanding of business needs and commitment to individuals with disabilities has made us a leader in the field. We know that with the right support anyone can work.

The Vocational program provides job placement, job coaching, and support to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment. The goal of the program is to provide ongoing support to allow the individual to become successful in the employment setting.

We simplify the hiring process, minimize downtime, connect businesses to an untapped workforce, and help businesses and individuals with disabilities succeed.

At Pride, we tailor staffing solutions to meet each company’s specific business needs.

Employment Process

Job Matching

We take the time to understand your workplace needs so we can introduce potential employees who have the qualities and skills to succeed.


Qualified Employment Consultants (Job Coaches) provide support during the interview, hiring processes, and training requirements.  They learn the specifics of the job and will provide ongoing job coaching support as long as desired and needed.


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